Learn why our Gen Z students (ages 4-24) are wonderful and driving us crazy at the same time! A technology-driven generation that will change the world for the better, but are very different from the generations around them. Find out why these amazing young people will make wiser financial decisions than their parents, seek life balance, take their time with life transitions, and will probably own their own companies.  Does any of this sound familiar?  They are very much like a well-respected and admired generation years before them, the Silent Generation (for most of us, our grandparents).  What can we do as parents to appreciate their strengths and nurture their growth all while encouraging them to engage in the world around them?  Join us on Monday, November 18 to learn more!

Nov. 18, 2019

NHS Library

6:30 pm


There are many opportunities available to help out.  Please consider volunteering!!

1. Copy Assistant  

2. Library Assistant

3.  Java Ridge Coffee Shop

4. Morning/Lunchtime Greeter


November 18 2019: Connecting with and understanding Generation Z

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